My bullet journal for June 2017


Happy June everyone!

Enjoy some of my bullet journal pages for June 2017. As you can see, my theme colour for this month is sea green (Tombow dual brush pen 346).

My monthly spread is basically same with the previous month. I’m not quite happy with the darkened tip of my first arrow below the monthly title, but I had to fill it out before ruining it… (saddened)


I don’t normally use washi tapes unless I have a major mistake to cover up. As you can see on the side, I had to cover my failed border with the grassy washi tape. Surprisingly, the washi tape ended up so natural with the monthly theme colour. Out of satisfaction, I applied another washi tape at the bottom of the page. As a result, my habit tracking page is fuller than ever!


This is my favourite page of the month. Enjoy my wholly new mood tracker! See how my grassy washi tape adds joy to this page.

I don’t know why but I hated the idea of using the same design for another mood tracker. I’ve discovered the fun of coming up with the ideas of new tracking spreads.

New for June 2017

  • 4 mood colours (1 colour shorter than May)
  • New Work Log to be added during the month

I hope that your June will be full of happy moments!


25 honest facts about me!

Dear visitors, how’s your weekend going?

I thought my About page isn’t enough for you to know about the person behind this blog.  I’m still learning about myself and feel better about being myself than any other time in my life.

I hope this post will get you a better idea of ‘Gina in her 30’s.’   Enjoy 25 honest facts about me!

  1. I’m extremely introvert.  ‘Introversion’ is always the first word to describe my personality. I once scored ‘zero’ in extroversion on the famous Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Instrument (MBTI) personality test.
  2. I believe in God. Though I have my own doubts, I consider myself a religious person. I depend on God for all the positive things I wish in my life. I believe that He is always there for me.


  3. I am bilingual. I am making my living with my bilingual skills acquired from the first 13 years of my life in South Korea and following years in Canada.
  4. I am a liberal. I believe in progress, changes, freedom, revolution,  and any other ideas that can be categorized ‘liberal’.
  5. I have a younger brother. I was lucky to have a companion in my family to grow together. My baby brother has grown to be dependable in many ways.
  6. My childhood dream was becoming a writer. I don’t know whether I’ll ever be a full-time writer, but I still hasn’t let go of my dream to become a best-selling author, in whatever form.
  7. I want to have a child of my own. Though I’m not really excited in the vision of a married life, becoming a mother is one of my precious dreams. I believe that having a child of my own will be a great motivation to live better.
  8. My favourite food is pasta.  I collect every pasta recipe I come across on the Internet.



  9. My favourite movies are: Casablanca, Amadeus and The Graduate.
  10. I love history. I started with Korean history (esp. 15-20th century) and widened to world history. My favourite historical event is the French Revolution that disseminated the ideas of liberalism.
  11. I love classical music.  My love for classical music has formed the base of my appreciation for a wide range of musical genres. My favourite composer is Antonio Vivaldi; maybe I should write a post about him soon!



    In Venice, the hometown of Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)


  12. I’m learning drawing. I’ve signed up for an online course on drawing to polish my artistic skills I haven’t used for so long. I’ll definitely share some of my drawings here 😉
  13. I love to read timeless novels. Whenever I  build up a list of books to read, the first titles that come to my mind are timeless classics (at least 50 years old!) that must have been read by everyone but me.
  14. I am a critical thinker.  My ‘critical thinking’ and ‘critical reading’ skills acquired from my post-secondary education have built the framework of my views in life.
  15. My favourite video game series is Assassin’s Creed.  I have played nearly all main games since Assassin’s Creed 2 (2009) that amazingly recreated the Renaissance.
  16. My latest obsession is cosmetics.  I started following some of the favourite beauty YouTubers, threw away all of my second-hand cosmetics and started collecting trendy products of my choice. My savings is highly endangered!!
  17. My favourite novel is the Great Gatsby. Its masterful critique to the American Dream has become something I live by.
  18. I love Marvel Cinematic Universe! I care for superheroes movies as long as they are critically acclaimed. I love Marvel Cinematic Universe for the technical genius of  Marvel Studio in character development and ensembling.
  19. I am a terrible singer/dancer. I may be the worst entertainer in the world. Since my childhood my bad singing was frequently mocked by my family. I’m usually awkward at karaokes, but I try to get better!
  20. I have assembled my own desktop computers! Encouraged by my father, I successfully assembled my first desktop computer when I was sixteen or something.  Since then, I assembled two other desktop computers for my dad and myself.
  21. I was born and raised in a loving family. I believe that every positive thing in my life came from my birth into a loving and caring family that started from a happy and stable marriage.
  22. I have been in unrequited love. I’m not proud of my failed attempts at romance, but there was definitely something I could learn about myself.
  23. I’m dying for Nintendo Switch!! Ever since the release of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild last March, I’ve been craving for a chance to buy Nintendo Switch, which has been sold out very quickly!!
  24. I listen to Jpop and Kpop.  I spent the most of the 2000’s in listening to my favourite Japanese pop artists. I’ve rekindled my interest in Korean pop music since the beginning of the 2010’s.  My current Jpop : Kpop ratio is about 1:10.
  25. I lost more than 20 pounds in six months. Since June 2016, I’ve been trying to exercise every day when I can afford a few hours.   

Trip to Italy 2017: Vatican City – Papal Audience

On every Wednesday, the Pope holds a general audience in St. Peter’s Square for pilgrims from all over the world. Attendance is entirely free of charge, but you need to reserve tickets to the occasion.  For more information, visit this website:

For tickets, I contacted the Santa Susanna American Community in Rome in advance, and was advised to arrive at St. Peter’s Square three hours earlier. So I got there around 7:00AM, and was met by a long queue:


After taking seats and waiting idly for two hours or so, I heard beautiful organ from somewhere and a wide applause as Pope Francis appeared.



Actually, this wasn’t the first time I saw Francis Pope. I first saw him at  2014 Asian Youth Day in South Korea. After three years, I was delighted to see him again in same good health.


This is the best shot of Pope Francis I took on that day, and currently the background photo of my Samsung Galaxy Note. He always wears a merciful smile in every good picture I take.


We heard a passage from the Letter of Saint Paul to the Romans and Pope Francis’ catechesis on faith and hope from the story of Abraham and his wife Sarah who miraculously had their son above the age of 90.

For full text, visit this page.




After the address, we watched the Pope greeting with special guests. If you arrive early and successfully took a seat in the front, this could be a good chance to see him closely.



These are some of the pictures I took of the eye-catching Swiss Guards.


After a long wait to see his face again from the groups of special guests, we managed to wave goodbye as he exited from St. Peter’s Square.

For religious tourists, no visit to the Vatican is complete without seeing the Pope. The Papal Audience was the peak of my visit to the Vatican, which brought me spiritually closer to the holy site and sparked my wish to come back for further events. As we retreated from St. Peter’s Square, I silently thanked God for the gift of the day and prayed for another chance to come back again.

My 2017 Bucket List

This is the first time I ever share my bucket list since its first creation in 2014. Many changes have been made, as I eliminated the things I’ve accomplished. My bucket list comes handy whenever I need to plan my vacation and organize my leisure time.
The individual items below are listed randomly.

A. Travel

This section lists the places in the world I want to visit or things I want to do in my lifetime. When I was updating this list, I was mildly surprised by its modesty. It is now a lot shorter than its original in 2014, as I’ve eliminated many places that I visited.


Loire Valley, France
Cruise to Alaska
Alhambra, Granada, Spain
Himalaya Basecamp trekking, Nepal
Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey
Ballon Tour, Cappadocia, Turkey
Salzburg, Austria
Füssen, Germany
Leipzig, Germany 
The Killing Field, Cambodia
Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Meteora, Greece
Taj Mahal, India
Old Westbury Gardens, Long Island, New York

B. Life and Career

This section is concerned with my personal life and career goals. By “career” I mean more of “childhood dreams” rather than something related to making a living.

Fall in love
Get married
Have a child of my own
Travel with my children
Publish a book
Draw and publish a cartoon series
Run my own YouTube Channel
Create and host my own book club
Be a content creator 

C. Music

Despite having been raised in a modest family, I never hesitate to pour my money on attending live music performances. This section lists the names of my favourite musicians and musicals that I will absolutely see live on stage.


Kuraki Mai 
Les Misérables
Lindsey Stirling
Seong-jin Cho
Charles-Richard Hamelin
Taylor Swift
Venice Baroque Orchestra
Fabio Biondi
Hans Zimmer

Brian Tyler

D. Learning

This section lists the things I want to learn for my personal development.

Italian cuisine
Japanese cuisine
Pocket ball
Public speaking
Microsoft Excel
Get a Master’s degree

E. Others

Costume Play
Attend a ComiCon
Fly in a first class
Read the Bible 

I will post anything that I have done and checked off my bucket list!

How would you orgnize your bucket list?

Trip to Italy 2017: Vatican City – Vatican Museums


I hope you enjoyed my first post on my trip to Italy 2017!

One of my most anticipated destinations in Italy was Vatican City. To make my trip perfect, I made all the arrangements in advance: reserving group tour, tickets to General Audience to see Pope Francis, and the directions from the centre of Rome to the Vatican.

I thought a lot about how to visit the famous spots in the Vatican City (Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, and, St. Peter’s Basilica)  on a single day. I originally planned to visit them on my own, but I finally opted for a group tour which offered several benefits, such as access to exclusive passageways and early admission time.

The figures on the top of the gate to Vatican Museums (now only used as an exit) are two of the greatest Renaissance masters: Michelangelo and Raphael. They have the honour of adorning one of the historic buildings in Vatican City not only for their unparalleled genius but also for their devout Catholic faith.  As a natural-born sculptor, Michelangelo (left) is holding a chisel, while Raphael (right) is grabbing a palette and brush as a dedicated painter.


The hallways in the Museums were so crowded that I almost felt my feet off the ground… But I couldn’t take my eyes off from any corner of these magnificent rooms! Every inch of the walls, floors and and ceiling was a masterpiece.



In the Museo Pio-Clementino, I had the pleasure of laying my eyes on some of the finest marble works from classical antiquity, depicting beloved mythical figures.


The Apollo Belvedere was the first sculpture I saw in the Museo Pio-Clementio. He is supposed to be holding a bow in his left hand, but the symbolic weapon has been lost due to its thinness. I learned from my tour guide that the column supporting the god’s right arm was erected to balance the whole weight of the marble figure. His slender limbs look somewhat feminine, with no strong muscles like Michelangelo’s works.  I stood there for a long time, admiring how a male body could be so beautiful.


The statue of Laocoön and His Sons, also called the Laocoön Group, is the highlight of the Museo Pio-Clementio. The reason for its fame is its sheer expression of extreme human emotion which is absent in other classical statues like the Apollo Belvedere above.  In front of this masterpiece, I was overwhelmed by my sympathy for these young and innocent figures losing their lives in such a painful way. It stirred strong emotion in me to the point of wondering: what was worth about depicting such a terrible and heartbreaking scene? Maybe we feel ourselves more human at the moments of pain and suffering than those of happiness and joy.




Now we were in the most celebrated rooms in Vatican Museums: Raphael Rooms. They were so crowded so that I didn’t know whether I missed anything.  Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed my opportunity to behold some of Raphael’s grandest works in the symbolic Apostolic Palace. Now Raphael has become my favourite Renaissance master.


I’d always imagined the original School of Athens in an exquisite picture frame. Imagine my amazement at this fresco covering the entire wall! The painting looked so alive as if painted only yesterday.  How could they be able to preserve the paintings in such a good condition?

While I was marveling at this masterpiece, I wondered how the work’s Humanistic theme came together with the Christian spirit of the Apostolic Palace. These two themes would not be as antithetic as they seem, but the contrast between the two has been a topic for my contemplation. Raphael and the pope adorned the papal apartment not only with biblical figures such as Adam, John, or Peter but also with classical and pagan figures such as Plato, Aristotle, Homer and Apollo as if signifying the reconciliation between Christianity, philosophy, and antiquity, which is the spirit of the Renaissance.

I was happy to be aided by the knowledgeable guide, and I recommend signing up for a group tour for first visitors to the Vatican Museums. One of the downsides of group tour was having to follow the guide’s pre-determined route, allowing me no freedom to roam the Museums. In the end, I missed many artworks that I expected to see. I promised myself to return to the Vatican Museums someday on my own for a fuller experience.

In the following posts, I will tell you about my visit to St. Peter’s Basilica and St. Peter’s Square to see Pope Francis!

My Bullet Journal Setup for May 2017

2017-05-01 12.52.38

How do you all feel about the new month?

Here’s my bullet journal for May 2017. This month’s theme color is rose red. I don’t know how I came up with those stripes, but I’m happy with them.

As you can see, the left page is Ryder Carroll’s method of monthly spread, divided into two columns for upcoming tasks and accomplishments. My first experience with this method worked well for April, so I’m sticking with it.

I’m doing well with monthly habit tracker since last December. It’s traditional tracker that keeps me on track with daily routines and positive habits. The bottom of the page is intentionally blank, in case of adding more habits.


2017-05-01 14.50.33

I’m doing new mood tracker since last March. I didn’t track my mood in April because I was not sure about my new experience with the dot grid notebook. I got the idea of this tracking spread from here.

As an independent worker, I organize my work assignments and income with my bullet journal. As the last Work Log was full with the work assignments in April (another busy month!) I needed to set up a new Log for May. This Work Log spread was inspired by Pretty Prints and Paper.


  • mood tracker


  • Monthly title page

I hope you enjoyed my bullet journal setup for May, and I wish you a happy and fulfilling month!

Trip to Italy 2017: Rome – Colosseum


Colosseo (Colosseum) was truly ‘colossal.’ Once arrived, I stood dumbfounded by the grandeur of this famous landmark.  I didn’t expect it to be this big!


I was humbled by the cross that must have been erected in commemoration of Christian martyrs who perished here about a thousand years ago.  This is the first thing you’ll see as soon as you enter the monument.

Now widely regarded as the centre of Catholicism, Rome is a religious city with so many historic churches and Christian heritages everywhere. At the same time, you will also see the legacies of paganism that gave rise to the city way before Christianity. Colosseo is a symbol of pre-Christian Rome, and this gigantic cross reminded me of the countless deaths and perseverance during the historic change from one faith to another.  Think of the stories from Quo Vadios, Ben Hur, and the Acts from the New Testaments!




Once inside, no single shot could contain the entire venue, and no word could express my thrill of standing in this symbolic monument.  How could have this ancient stony structure lasted for so long?


I wished I could have walked along the corridors that had been trodden by gladiators.


What was it like to stand at the centre of a historic city throughout a millennium? With Colosseo at its heart, Rome feels like a transcendent and timeless city where antiquity and modernity are still breathing alive together.