Moving into a new bullet journal + my first experience with a dot grid notebook!

2017-04-05 14.56.30

This is my new bullet journal + my very first dot grid notebook. After spending two ruled notebooks for bullet journaling, I was pretty nervous to use a dot grid notebook for the first time.

(If you are unfamiliar with what bullet journal is, it is a highly customizable journaling system invented by a designer named Ryder Carroll. If you want to know more, view this introductory video or visit this website.)

As you can see in the photo, my new bullet journal notebook is Rhodia Boutique Softcover A5 Dotted Notebook – ORANGE, consisting of 160 unnumbered pages. I don’t know how many months it will cover, but I’m pretty sure that I’ll have to be moving into another notebook sometime in the year.

2017-04-16 18.15.57

I have allocated the first 3 pages for indexing. (I make a lot of mistake!!! lol)
Since this Rhodia notebook is unnumbered, I need to manually number my pages on the bottom right corner.

2017-04-05 14.57.19

This is an example of my monthly page, and also my first attempt of Ryder Carroll’s monthly spread, moving from the traditional grid-view layout (Visit this page for more monthly layouts).
You see the dates and days of the month along the left edge. I have divided my month in two columns to organize my upcoming tasks (first column) and achievements (second column).

From this month, I adopted the method of ‘theme color‘: each month I pick a specific colour to use throughout the month. For April, I picked blue as the theme colour.

(Pens: Tombow Dual Brush Pens (primary), Steadtler Triplus Fineliners 0.3)

2017-04-05 15.23.50

Weekly layout, inspired by Boho Berry. I’m still wondering how to utilize that empty space on the left page…

2017-04-16 18.40.34

Typical daily pages. I know my handwriting is clumsy… (sigh) but I’m try to be better at it. You can see my practice with Faber Castell Artist Pitt pens on the left page (that’s why that portion is written in black)

I try to keep this bullet journal simple and minimal, without unnecessary stickers and washi tapes which made my previous bullet journals trashy…

I hope my first dot grid bullet journaling experience will be successful. In the beginning, I was pretty uncomfortable with the small line spacing, but I’m getting used to it. One thing I love about a dot grid notebook is wider space where I can write much more stuff on one page.

What’s new in my new bullet journal?

  • Ryder Carroll’s monthly spread (break from grid-view layout)
  • Monthly theme colour
  • Minimal decoration

Highlight(s) of dot grid notebook

  • Customizable use of pages
  • More lines

Lowlight(s) of dot grid notebook

  • Small line spacing

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