Chocolate Swiss Roll for Valentine’s Day


I made this Chocolate Swiss Roll cake for Valentine’s Day.

Recipe can be found here. I used half-sized strawberries and whipping cream.

Here are several things to improve:

  • Too much whipping cream. It was difficult to roll the cake cleanly into a good shape. The (other) recipe said 400ml, and I used 250ml, which was still too much. 100ml should be enough.
  • Strawberries were too big. Chop them into bite size.

I love whipping cream, but I always fail to use the right amount! It’s always messy and excessive. I always had residual cream with which I didn’t know what to do.  I was so determined to use up all cream this time, but some of them eventually flowed out of the cake with several pieces of strawberries.

All things considered, I was generally happy with how it turned out.


I’ll make a better roll cake next time!


My first biscuits!


I’m happy to make my first biscuits successfully!!

My mother bought this package of biscuit mix by mistake. Never been familiar with baking, she left it to me for my new interest in baking.

Don’t they look like the ones on the cover?


Using mix was amazingly simple. My family loved the taste, and my mother was finally happy with her mistake (?), and she is already begging for more!

I didn’t have to have dinner after eating 5-7 biscuits.  I’m going to make another pack some time this week…