25 honest facts about me!

Dear visitors, how’s your weekend going?

I thought my About page isn’t enough for you to know about the person behind this blog.  I’m still learning about myself and feel better about being myself than any other time in my life.

I hope this post will get you a better idea of ‘Gina in her 30’s.’   Enjoy 25 honest facts about me!

  1. I’m extremely introvert.  ‘Introversion’ is always the first word to describe my personality. I once scored ‘zero’ in extroversion on the famous Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Instrument (MBTI) personality test.
  2. I believe in God. Though I have my own doubts, I consider myself a religious person. I depend on God for all the positive things I wish in my life. I believe that He is always there for me.


  3. I am bilingual. I am making my living with my bilingual skills acquired from the first 13 years of my life in South Korea and following years in Canada.
  4. I am a liberal. I believe in progress, changes, freedom, revolution,  and any other ideas that can be categorized ‘liberal’.
  5. I have a younger brother. I was lucky to have a companion in my family to grow together. My baby brother has grown to be dependable in many ways.
  6. My childhood dream was becoming a writer. I don’t know whether I’ll ever be a full-time writer, but I still hasn’t let go of my dream to become a best-selling author, in whatever form.
  7. I want to have a child of my own. Though I’m not really excited in the vision of a married life, becoming a mother is one of my precious dreams. I believe that having a child of my own will be a great motivation to live better.
  8. My favourite food is pasta.  I collect every pasta recipe I come across on the Internet.



  9. My favourite movies are: Casablanca, Amadeus and The Graduate.
  10. I love history. I started with Korean history (esp. 15-20th century) and widened to world history. My favourite historical event is the French Revolution that disseminated the ideas of liberalism.
  11. I love classical music.  My love for classical music has formed the base of my appreciation for a wide range of musical genres. My favourite composer is Antonio Vivaldi; maybe I should write a post about him soon!



    In Venice, the hometown of Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)


  12. I’m learning drawing. I’ve signed up for an online course on drawing to polish my artistic skills I haven’t used for so long. I’ll definitely share some of my drawings here 😉
  13. I love to read timeless novels. Whenever I  build up a list of books to read, the first titles that come to my mind are timeless classics (at least 50 years old!) that must have been read by everyone but me.
  14. I am a critical thinker.  My ‘critical thinking’ and ‘critical reading’ skills acquired from my post-secondary education have built the framework of my views in life.
  15. My favourite video game series is Assassin’s Creed.  I have played nearly all main games since Assassin’s Creed 2 (2009) that amazingly recreated the Renaissance.
  16. My latest obsession is cosmetics.  I started following some of the favourite beauty YouTubers, threw away all of my second-hand cosmetics and started collecting trendy products of my choice. My savings is highly endangered!!
  17. My favourite novel is the Great Gatsby. Its masterful critique to the American Dream has become something I live by.
  18. I love Marvel Cinematic Universe! I care for superheroes movies as long as they are critically acclaimed. I love Marvel Cinematic Universe for the technical genius of  Marvel Studio in character development and ensembling.
  19. I am a terrible singer/dancer. I may be the worst entertainer in the world. Since my childhood my bad singing was frequently mocked by my family. I’m usually awkward at karaokes, but I try to get better!
  20. I have assembled my own desktop computers! Encouraged by my father, I successfully assembled my first desktop computer when I was sixteen or something.  Since then, I assembled two other desktop computers for my dad and myself.
  21. I was born and raised in a loving family. I believe that every positive thing in my life came from my birth into a loving and caring family that started from a happy and stable marriage.
  22. I have been in unrequited love. I’m not proud of my failed attempts at romance, but there was definitely something I could learn about myself.
  23. I’m dying for Nintendo Switch!! Ever since the release of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild last March, I’ve been craving for a chance to buy Nintendo Switch, which has been sold out very quickly!!
  24. I listen to Jpop and Kpop.  I spent the most of the 2000’s in listening to my favourite Japanese pop artists. I’ve rekindled my interest in Korean pop music since the beginning of the 2010’s.  My current Jpop : Kpop ratio is about 1:10.
  25. I lost more than 20 pounds in six months. Since June 2016, I’ve been trying to exercise every day when I can afford a few hours.   


My 2017 Bucket List

This is the first time I ever share my bucket list since its first creation in 2014. Many changes have been made, as I eliminated the things I’ve accomplished. My bucket list comes handy whenever I need to plan my vacation and organize my leisure time.
The individual items below are listed randomly.

A. Travel

This section lists the places in the world I want to visit or things I want to do in my lifetime. When I was updating this list, I was mildly surprised by its modesty. It is now a lot shorter than its original in 2014, as I’ve eliminated many places that I visited.


Loire Valley, France
Cruise to Alaska
Alhambra, Granada, Spain
Himalaya Basecamp trekking, Nepal
Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey
Ballon Tour, Cappadocia, Turkey
Salzburg, Austria
Füssen, Germany
Leipzig, Germany 
The Killing Field, Cambodia
Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Meteora, Greece
Taj Mahal, India
Old Westbury Gardens, Long Island, New York

B. Life and Career

This section is concerned with my personal life and career goals. By “career” I mean more of “childhood dreams” rather than something related to making a living.

Fall in love
Get married
Have a child of my own
Travel with my children
Publish a book
Draw and publish a cartoon series
Run my own YouTube Channel
Create and host my own book club
Be a content creator 

C. Music

Despite having been raised in a modest family, I never hesitate to pour my money on attending live music performances. This section lists the names of my favourite musicians and musicals that I will absolutely see live on stage.


Kuraki Mai 
Les Misérables
Lindsey Stirling
Seong-jin Cho
Charles-Richard Hamelin
Taylor Swift
Venice Baroque Orchestra
Fabio Biondi
Hans Zimmer

Brian Tyler

D. Learning

This section lists the things I want to learn for my personal development.

Italian cuisine
Japanese cuisine
Pocket ball
Public speaking
Microsoft Excel
Get a Master’s degree

E. Others

Costume Play
Attend a ComiCon
Fly in a first class
Read the Bible 

I will post anything that I have done and checked off my bucket list!

How would you orgnize your bucket list?

My Goals for March 2017!

I can’t believe it’s already the third month of 2017!

In order to start the new month afresh, I have set up a list of goals for March 2017. I decided to take these monthly goals more seriously than the roughly set goals in February.

The most exciting thing of the month is my upcoming trip to Italy during the last week! But I want to complete several challenges and projects before taking off.


Here are my goals for March 2017:

  1. #PlanWithMeChallenge (hosted by @TinyRayofSunshine, @Boho.Berry, @PrettyPrintsandPapers)

    I became interested in this bullet journal challenge hosted by my favourite bullet journalists only last month. I decided to follow the prompts for this month, and my approach will be as follows: I will check the daily prompt, and if it is something I have never tried (e.g. rapid log, etc.), I will search for relevant resources and apply them to my bullet journal. If the prompt is something I have tried or already familiar with (e.g. To-Do, etc.), I will check others’ examples and improve my entries or pages. And if I am proud of the result, I may share it here or through social media.


2. #DoodleWithUsinmarch Challenge (hosted by @alexandra_plans and @christina77star)


I have tried and failed several independent doodle challenges before with no clear guidelines or set of prompts. I almost decided not to take any doodle challenges, but this set of fairytale prompts absolutely intrigued me. So, I’m taking this challenge this month, and I will definitely share the result here!

3. Finish reading Lion by Saroo Brierley  (previously published as A Long Way Home: A Memoir)


This is my currently-reading book, and another book written by a non-professional writer after ‘A Mother’s Reckoning’ by Sue Klebold. I decided to read the book because I thought it would take less time than watching the movie in a relatively distant movie theatre. I’m past the half point now, and thoroughly enjoying it! I will definitely post my review here.

4. Read the Torah (except the Genesis)


This is an appropriate challenge for Lent. I excluded the Genesis because I have read the book for multiple times in the past (but I’ll eventually return to it one day). I have been always curious about what happened after the Exodus, so I’m reading all four books, including the Exodus. I need to complete this challenge anyway before starting a new notebook for my bullet journal.

5. Finish planning for the Trip to Italy & Have a safe trip!

This is the highlight of the month. I spent all February in planning and researching which left me relatively little to do in March other than reserving admissions and packing. I’m a big planning person who needs to plan almost everything before going to a strange place or doing something big like this. Having concluded that planning every second of the trip is nearly impossible, I’m leaving some blank spaces in my schedule aside from the essential attractions such as the Papal General Audience (which I secured the ticket!), Vatican Museums, Uffizi Gallery, and so forth.  So all I’m left to do is reserving admissions to those attractions in order to avoid wasting hours in lines. Stay tuned for my photos!

So these are my ‘major goals’ for March. I have a feeling that I’ll live through March 2017 fuller than ever! I think it’s the strength of planning. In the end of the month, I will share how these challenges went.

Favourite Quotes on Solitude

I consider myself fortunate to know the beauty of solitude. Most people I know are either uncomfortable or fearful of being alone, with no ideas or resources to entertain themselves. In contrast, I have always preferred solitude to being surrounded by people, which seemed a weakness or something to be frowned upon.  It was not until recently that I have finally came to accept my natural comfort in being alone as a powerful strength.

Solitude is perhaps the best state of being to be productive and creative, and I’m grateful for many great artists and writers who appreciated the power of solitude. I searched some of the quotes on solitude and here are some of my favourites:

I find it wholesome to be alone the greater part of the time. To be in company, even with the best, is soon wearisome and dissipating. I love to be alone. I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude.

Henry David Thoreau

This specific excerpt of Thoreau’s well-known reflection seems one of the most frequently quoted lines on solitude.

Loneliness is the poverty of self; solitude is richness of self.

May Sarton


I might be alone, but I’m never lonely. 

Megan Hart

I love these quotes for putting the contrast between solitude and loneliness so beautifully and strikingly.

Solitude is a chosen separation for refining your soul. Isolation is what you crave when you neglect the first. 

Wayne Cordeiro

This beautiful quote reminds me of my younger years when I used to shut myself from others. It also explains why they did not welcome my preference for being alone. I used solitude as a means of escape, rather than ‘refining soul.’

If you’re idle, be not solitary; if you are solitary, be not idle. 

Samuel Johnson


I’d love to show this quote to my retiring elders who will eventually find so much time alone.

Solitude is the soil in which genius is planted, creativity grows, and legends bloom; faith in oneself is the rain that cultivates a hero to endure the storm, and bare the genesis of a new world, a new forest.

Mike Norton

I think this is the most powerful quote I’ve seen on the power of solitude in creativity.

I’m aware of the ongoing debate on the relationship between solitude and creativity, but I believe that my comfort in solitude will be the main ingredient of my future ability to create something great.

I want to be a better…

I want to break down ‘my personal development’ into several fields. Because I have limited time and tools, I need to specify several ‘areas’ to spend my time and energy for my personal growth. These are some of the activities I want to track my progress as the topics of many posts in this blog.

I want to be a better:

  • writer
  • blogger
  • reader
  • reviewer
  • crocheter
  • knitter
  • bowler
  • bullet journaler
  • traveler
  • baker
  • cook
  • pianist
  • dressmaker
  • decorator
  • doodler
  • cartoonist
  • calligrapher
  • photographer
  • poker player
  • video gamer
  • driver
  • and many others!

This list will continue to grow.  There are some activities I do on a regular basis; some I have either never tried; others briefly experienced or tried at some point in my life but abandoned thereafter.

I don’t know yet which topic to start first, but something will be up soon!

On my blogging

I started blogging as soon as it was popularized. I have run several blogs in different engines, but none of them was ever successful. I used to post book reviews, occasionally film reviews, but my updates became less and less frequent year after year, largely due to the diminishing number of books I finish on a regular basis and meaninglessness of the movies I watch.

From time to time, I felt the need to reorganize my blog to start over, but often faced with a loss of direction. My original topic for my blog became irrelevant, and I didn’t know what I was going to say or wanted to say.

Before launching Gina in Her 30’s, I googled possible topics for personal blog and visited many successful blogs, including some of my favourites. This researching process made me think about what I have to share with others. I asked myself the questions suggested by many posts about blogging: What am I interested in? What is my passion? What could be my ‘niche?’

After hours of contemplation, I reached a conclusion that I could blog about just being ‘myself.’ It may sound vague, but being myself at this present moment can be very specific: a just-turned-30 single woman who likes to learn many things to grow into a more confident and skillful adult. She may not be an expert to teach anything but can grow into a better creator, artist, reader, communicator, planner, etc.

So that’s how I’ve found my niche: becoming a better person throughout my 30’s. All posts in this blog will be about my personal growth. I will be setting goals, starting missions, learning things, and improving my skills. I will make this blog work by bringing it closer to ‘being myself.’




Starting Gina in Her 30’s

Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Gina, and I have just turned 30 this year. To welcome this new chapter of my life, I decided to blog about my personal development throughout my 30’s. I have so many things to learn and to accomplish, and I want to share my growth into a ‘better me’ day after day, month after month, and year after year.

Turning 30 is a very refreshing moment. I spent most of my twenties in struggling, making mistakes and being ashamed, without knowing where I was going and what I wanted. I had several crushes but none of them developed into a relationship; I got fired from work and told mean things at a job interview; I was scolded by my parents for not knowing what to do after graduation; I made new friends but lost them soon after. I experienced all of these because I was trying to be someone different.

It took the whole 30 years of my life to be able to embrace who I am and what makes me different. I realized that it’s OK to prefer solitude; to be single; to have so many missions to accomplish on my own. With my newfound confidence and positivism, I will share every moment of joy and accomplishment purely derived from being just who I am.