25 honest facts about me!

Dear visitors, how’s your weekend going?

I thought my About page isn’t enough for you to know about the person behind this blog.  I’m still learning about myself and feel better about being myself than any other time in my life.

I hope this post will get you a better idea of ‘Gina in her 30’s.’   Enjoy 25 honest facts about me!

  1. I’m extremely introvert.  ‘Introversion’ is always the first word to describe my personality. I once scored ‘zero’ in extroversion on the famous Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Instrument (MBTI) personality test.
  2. I believe in God. Though I have my own doubts, I consider myself a religious person. I depend on God for all the positive things I wish in my life. I believe that He is always there for me.


  3. I am bilingual. I am making my living with my bilingual skills acquired from the first 13 years of my life in South Korea and following years in Canada.
  4. I am a liberal. I believe in progress, changes, freedom, revolution,  and any other ideas that can be categorized ‘liberal’.
  5. I have a younger brother. I was lucky to have a companion in my family to grow together. My baby brother has grown to be dependable in many ways.
  6. My childhood dream was becoming a writer. I don’t know whether I’ll ever be a full-time writer, but I still hasn’t let go of my dream to become a best-selling author, in whatever form.
  7. I want to have a child of my own. Though I’m not really excited in the vision of a married life, becoming a mother is one of my precious dreams. I believe that having a child of my own will be a great motivation to live better.
  8. My favourite food is pasta.  I collect every pasta recipe I come across on the Internet.



  9. My favourite movies are: Casablanca, Amadeus and The Graduate.
  10. I love history. I started with Korean history (esp. 15-20th century) and widened to world history. My favourite historical event is the French Revolution that disseminated the ideas of liberalism.
  11. I love classical music.  My love for classical music has formed the base of my appreciation for a wide range of musical genres. My favourite composer is Antonio Vivaldi; maybe I should write a post about him soon!



    In Venice, the hometown of Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)


  12. I’m learning drawing. I’ve signed up for an online course on drawing to polish my artistic skills I haven’t used for so long. I’ll definitely share some of my drawings here 😉
  13. I love to read timeless novels. Whenever I  build up a list of books to read, the first titles that come to my mind are timeless classics (at least 50 years old!) that must have been read by everyone but me.
  14. I am a critical thinker.  My ‘critical thinking’ and ‘critical reading’ skills acquired from my post-secondary education have built the framework of my views in life.
  15. My favourite video game series is Assassin’s Creed.  I have played nearly all main games since Assassin’s Creed 2 (2009) that amazingly recreated the Renaissance.
  16. My latest obsession is cosmetics.  I started following some of the favourite beauty YouTubers, threw away all of my second-hand cosmetics and started collecting trendy products of my choice. My savings is highly endangered!!
  17. My favourite novel is the Great Gatsby. Its masterful critique to the American Dream has become something I live by.
  18. I love Marvel Cinematic Universe! I care for superheroes movies as long as they are critically acclaimed. I love Marvel Cinematic Universe for the technical genius of  Marvel Studio in character development and ensembling.
  19. I am a terrible singer/dancer. I may be the worst entertainer in the world. Since my childhood my bad singing was frequently mocked by my family. I’m usually awkward at karaokes, but I try to get better!
  20. I have assembled my own desktop computers! Encouraged by my father, I successfully assembled my first desktop computer when I was sixteen or something.  Since then, I assembled two other desktop computers for my dad and myself.
  21. I was born and raised in a loving family. I believe that every positive thing in my life came from my birth into a loving and caring family that started from a happy and stable marriage.
  22. I have been in unrequited love. I’m not proud of my failed attempts at romance, but there was definitely something I could learn about myself.
  23. I’m dying for Nintendo Switch!! Ever since the release of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild last March, I’ve been craving for a chance to buy Nintendo Switch, which has been sold out very quickly!!
  24. I listen to Jpop and Kpop.  I spent the most of the 2000’s in listening to my favourite Japanese pop artists. I’ve rekindled my interest in Korean pop music since the beginning of the 2010’s.  My current Jpop : Kpop ratio is about 1:10.
  25. I lost more than 20 pounds in six months. Since June 2016, I’ve been trying to exercise every day when I can afford a few hours.