My 2017 Bucket List

This is the first time I ever share my bucket list since its first creation in 2014. Many changes have been made, as I eliminated the things I’ve accomplished. My bucket list comes handy whenever I need to plan my vacation and organize my leisure time.
The individual items below are listed randomly.

A. Travel

This section lists the places in the world I want to visit or things I want to do in my lifetime. When I was updating this list, I was mildly surprised by its modesty. It is now a lot shorter than its original in 2014, as I’ve eliminated many places that I visited.


Loire Valley, France
Cruise to Alaska
Alhambra, Granada, Spain
Himalaya Basecamp trekking, Nepal
Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey
Ballon Tour, Cappadocia, Turkey
Salzburg, Austria
Füssen, Germany
Leipzig, Germany 
The Killing Field, Cambodia
Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Meteora, Greece
Taj Mahal, India
Old Westbury Gardens, Long Island, New York

B. Life and Career

This section is concerned with my personal life and career goals. By “career” I mean more of “childhood dreams” rather than something related to making a living.

Fall in love
Get married
Have a child of my own
Travel with my children
Publish a book
Draw and publish a cartoon series
Run my own YouTube Channel
Create and host my own book club
Be a content creator 

C. Music

Despite having been raised in a modest family, I never hesitate to pour my money on attending live music performances. This section lists the names of my favourite musicians and musicals that I will absolutely see live on stage.


Kuraki Mai 
Les Misérables
Lindsey Stirling
Seong-jin Cho
Charles-Richard Hamelin
Taylor Swift
Venice Baroque Orchestra
Fabio Biondi
Hans Zimmer

Brian Tyler

D. Learning

This section lists the things I want to learn for my personal development.

Italian cuisine
Japanese cuisine
Pocket ball
Public speaking
Microsoft Excel
Get a Master’s degree

E. Others

Costume Play
Attend a ComiCon
Fly in a first class
Read the Bible 

I will post anything that I have done and checked off my bucket list!

How would you orgnize your bucket list?

My first step in lettering! (first attempt to create a perfect blog title image)

2017-02-25 15.21.12.jpg

I’ve started to practice lettering to make a new title image for my blog.
I was lucky to get these practice sheets from here.
I need to get comfortable with brush pens, which I have been avoiding all my life due to my low confidence in my own handwriting.

The brush pen used on the above practice sheet is the popular FABER-CASTELL PITT ARTIST PEN (B). When I bought the 4-pen pack, I expected the brush pen (B) would be the least used. But it proves itself incredibly useful for writing page titles in my bullet journal (which I will share with you soon!).

The FABER-CASTELL PITT ARTIST PEN is not the only pen I have for lettering. Below are some examples of my lettering practice with ZIG Journal & Title pens.

2017-02-25 15.22.02.jpg




While practicing, I got the feeling that this particular style does not really go with the spirit of my blog to be the title image … I need to try several different styles.

Anyhow, I am proud of my first step in lettering and my progress so far. I will get more supplies and keep trying until I have the perfect title image!

1. Dawn Nicole Designs®: a resourceful blog of Dawn, a handwriting artist. Check out her free printable practice sheets.

2. Pretty Prints & Paper: YouTube Channel of Jessica Chung, one of my favourite bullet journalists and lettering artists. Check out her instructive videos on lettering and pen reviews. She also runs a blog of the same name here.